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Turning Ideas into Realities

art direction photography


From fish to factories

Throughout my career, I’ve art directed shoots for still and moving images across a wide range of subject areas. But the process is always the same. Pick the right photographer for the job and one I can build a rapport with. Be well prepared with a solid brief and shoot list, ready to talk them through. Organise and clarify as much as I can upfront. But, on the day, go for it and take advantage of whatever creative opportunities present themselves.


What I did (on this shoot):

  • The brief was to capture the people and the factory processes

  • The atmosphere was busy and the people were chatty and funny

  • I wanted shots that authentically captured this, but were also suitable for professional use

  • We created almost culinary-like images of the manufacturing ‘ingredients’, shots not typical in this environment

  • We took some great, casual portraits. getting our subjects to relax with the classic question, 'what's for tea tonight then?’

  • We played with scale to tell a story, from the expansive buildings to the finest threads in the embroidery rooms


I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer (I shoot film), but on the day it’s the real photographer that call the shots

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