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Turning Ideas into Realities

my superpower; turning creative ideas into real results, making sure none of the clever thinking gets lost along the way   WHISTLE-STOP TOUR

I’ve been a major participant and latterly, leader of many businesses’ brand and marketing activities. Working on some big, bold campaigns with high-profile strategic and above-the-line agencies.


Whilst these brand platforms and ad campaigns have been outstanding, often less thinking and less budget are available to bring them to life across the channel mix. They can run out of steam beyond TV and the brand bible.


In my experience, as a big idea cascades down, it can get diluted and things gets lost in translation. More creative thinking and detailed planning are needed to make sure that individual projects, however small, ladder-up to overarching campaign.


I pride myself on being able to bridge the gap between a great idea and the specific actions needed to deliver it. I have lots of experience and proven success in helping brand and marketing people and projects get happily and successfully from A to Z, in store, in print and online.


If it’s someone to get into the nitty gritty of a particular project, or you’d like help with plotting a course for the longer-term, I have practical and pragmatic solutions to help. Give me a call.  WHISTLE-STOP TOUR

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