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Turning Ideas into Realities

house of fraser creative pick ‘n’ mix


Creating a spectacle 365 days a year

Newness and seasonal change are key components in fashion retail. ‘New In-store’ And the promotional cycle are powerful drivers of a brisk windows and events calendar. Lots of creativity, backed-up by meticulous planning are needed to keep pace.


What I did:


  • Conceptualised, prototyped and developed designs with the internal team, agencies and suppliers

  • Collaborated with fashion and beauty brand partners on brand take-overs

  • Interpreted HoF’s ATL campaigns and promotions in stores


  • Maintained the store database, managed the annual budget, costed and allocated individual projects

  • Briefed agencies and suppliers

  • Worked to coach and up-skill store visual teams to ensure brand/visual consistency and excellence across the estate

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