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Turning Ideas into Realities

house of fraser christmas sparkle

When Christmas starts in July!

Christmas is king in department store retailing. It brings with it expectations of a sparklingly good show. Hof invested heavily in Christmas, with meticulous preparation needed to land all the glitter simultaneously across the country. I led this large-scale logistical project for several years.

What I did:

  • I owned and delivered ‘all things Christmas’

  • Built and managed the significant budgets

  • Prepared store-by-store allocations, ordering, consolidating and distributing props

  • Presented the scheme to the gathered VM Managers at the ‘Christmas party’

  • Oversaw installation of 16km of exterior lighting across flagship locations, including Oxford Street (and all the paperwork that entails)*

  • Kept the naughty and nice lists up to date!


*Installations by DCL UK Ltd. Lights were LED and re-used/repurposed. Artificial greenery was also re-used and redistributed over many years.

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