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Turning Ideas into Realities

dreams light-touch refits

Sales driving wash and brush-ups

Like many, the Dreams estate is on a constant cycle of maintenance and updates. Whilst it’s not financially prudent to fully refit every store, sales uplifts can be achieved through partial refits. Strictly defined scope and a tightly managed budget hit the return sweet spot.


What I did:

  • Led and implemented two refresh programmes, one in 2020 and another in 2023


  • Reviewed all existing POS and graphics, discarding some and organizing the rest into a clear messaging hierarchy

  • Added some large-format pieces to tell the important stories about services, UK-made and quality

  • Designed fixtures for key brands and developed the first Sleepmatch Studio​


  • Repurposed some of the new format layout principles

  • Borrowed display components: mid-floor walls; soft linen-look dressing; hanging fabric graphics and pendant lighting

  • A lick of fresh paint throughout

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