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Turning Ideas into Realities

art direction cgi


Developing distinctly ownable and aspirational images

Achieving the perfectly imperfect and delivering a beautiful, but more realistic and lived-in look (albeit by very stylish and tidy inhabitants).

These images, worked on in collaboration with Creative Content Works, were to establish distinct looks for Feather & Black and Dreams.


I approach art direction of CGI, as I do ‘real’ photography. For this type of project, I typically prepare detailed written briefs with supporting moodboards and talked through briefings.

The winning formula:​

  • Working with smaller, more realistically sized spaces, not everyone sleeps in a ballroom

  • Exploring a wider range of lighting conditions – golden hour, dusk and nighttime

  • Incorporating more organic elements; plants, textured and draped fabrics, etc.

  • Propping that embraces older and personal items. To help with a sense of curation and better achieve a range of interior styles, especially for Feather & Black

  • Styling with a stronger point of view, based on customer segmentation, to avoid lack lustre and generic shots

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